The ships listed on the right are all Yachts which cruise the Galapagos.

Cruising yachts are by the far the most common yacht in use in the Galapagos. These ships are usually 7 to 30 meters in length. These vessels are built with a balance between docile handling qualities, interior space, performance and the on-board comfort.

Galapagos yachts will usually have many cabins above and below deck. Typically there will be 8 double-berth cabins for quest, a single large saloon with galley, a separate bridge and ample deck space.


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King of the Seas  Tourist Class
Nuevo Flamingo   Tourist Class

Aida Maria  Tourist Superior Class
Angelito   Tourist Superior Class
Darwin   Tourist Superior Class
Floreana   Tourist Superior Class
Galaven II   Tourist Superior Class
Guantanamera   Tourist Superior Class
Yolita II  Tourist Superior Class

Daphne   First Class
Eden   First Class
Fragata   First Class
Galaven I   First Class
Galaxy   First Class 
Mary Anne  First Class
Monserrat First Class
Odyssey  First Class
Tip Top II  First Class
Tip Top III  First Class
Tip Top IV  First Class
Xavier  First Class

Beluga    Luxury Class
Coral I   Luxury Class
Coral II   Luxury Class
Eric   Luxury Class
Flamingo I   Luxury Class
Grace   Luxury Class
Isabela II   Luxury Class
Letty  Luxury Class
Queen of Galapagos   Luxury Class
Reina Silvia   Luxury Class

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