White Tip SharksOn the coast marks the edge of a vast lava flow that spewed out as recently as 1900. Only but a few plants have colonised the lava's barren surface and only lava lizards hunt over the twisted loops of pahoehoe lava among pioneering mollugo and lava cactus. Like adjacent Bartolome, Sullivan Bay is mainly of interest because of its evidence of volcanism. It is an almost alien landscape. You will find there is a tiny landing beach which you might see Galapagos penguins, and despite the barreness of the landscape, the ocean is teaming with life which makes the snorkeling fantastic here.

Location: A few hundred metres off the east coast of San Cruz, 30 km northeast of Puerto Ayora.

Facilities: none, wet landing.

Photo opportunities: galapagos hawks, pahoehoe lava, galapgos sea lions, penguins, white tip reef sharks, and blue footed boobies.


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