One of a pair of small uplifted islands a short distance from the east coast of Santa Cruz. It is only 130 meters wide and 1 kilometer long in the shape of a cresent. South Plaza has a unique Sesuvium and Opuntia landscape which provides some of the most interesting wildlife observation available in Galapagos.

South and North plaza are only separted by less then 1 km, but only south plazas is open to visitors. On your easy walk of about 1 hour, you will find South Plazas is one of the best islands for seeing the Galapagos land iguanas. There is also a high density of Galapagos sea lions and great seabird watching. Like many of the places you will visit in the Galapagos South Plazas is teeming with life; there are Land iguanas abundant amoung opuntias and marine iguanas along rocky shores, with sally lighfoot crabs and occasional iguanas hybrids in betweenm Swallow tailed gulls, common noddies, red billed tropicbirds, blue-footted and nazca boobies, Audubons's shear waters nest along sea ciffs. Three species of Darwins's finch including cactus finches, gull and peregrine falcon can all be found on this tiny island.

Location: A few hundred metres off the east coast of San Cruz, 30 km northeast of Puerto Ayora.

Facilities: none, dry landing, small concrete jetty.

Activities: Panga ride to the island. There will be hiking at this location. PR = Panga Ride, HK = Hiking

Photo opportunities: galapagos land iguanas, marine iguanas, red billed tropicabirds, galapgos sea lions, brown pelicans, swallow-tailled gulls, lava gulls and keep an eye open for Hybrid iguanas.

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