San Cristobal is the furthest island to the east in the Galapagos and is one of the oldest.

San Cristobal is an eroded volcano rising gently to moist highlands nearly 900 m above sea level. On this island you there are more opportunities to venture out on your own than most of the other islands.

You will find the list on the right a quick reference to the ships that depart for cruise from San Cristobal.


# Days

Tourist Class

New Flamingo A5 5

Tourist Superior

Aida Maria B 8
Daphne B5 5
Eden 2 8
Estrella del Mar B,B2 8,5

First Class

Archipell I & II A 8
Cachalote Tower 6 6
Galaven I B 8
Galaxy A 5
Galaxy II Eco A 5
Majestic A,B 8
Millenium C 6
Monserrat B,B5 8,5
Odyssey A 6
Reina Silvia B6 6
San Jose B5 5
Santa Cruz II Eastern 5
Seaman Journey B 5
Treasure of Galapagos B 5
Xavier B1 4

Luxury Class

Anahi A1 4
Coral I & II D 5
Cormorant A4 4
Eric, Letty, Flamingo I A,B 8
Evolution B 8
Grace A 8
Isabela II Northern 7
Legend D 5
Ocean Spray B,B4 8,4
Petrel B,B4 8,4
Pinta Eastern 4
Queen of Galapagos B,B1 8,4
Sea Star A 6
Silver Galapagos C 4


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