San Cristobal is the furthest island to the east in the Galapagos and is one of the oldest. This island offer many exciting locations, but often the most requested is the snorkeling destination of Kicker Rock a.k.a. Leon Dormido

Kicker Rock is remnant of a vertical tuff formation, abruptly rising almost 500 ft from the ocean. Erosion has split the rock and given it its characteristic shape, which some see as shoe, the origin of the name Kicker Rock. Others see it as a sleeping sea lion or Leon Dormido in spanish. Small vessels pass through the rock which is divided in two parts forming a channel between them. A panga ride around this tuff cone formation gives you the opportunity to see Nascar boobies, blue-footed boobies, and frigate birds along the cliffs. Located about an hour and half to the northeast of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

This is also a very interesting dive site perhaps the best in the central Islands of the Galapagos archipelago, equivalent to the famous Gordon Rocks. There are two vertical walls 148 meters in height with a channel in the middle that gives a haven for sharks and many other species of fish.

The walls are amazingly colorful almost sure sightings of great marine fauna including octopus and many sharks including scalloped hammerheads, silver tipped and Galapagos sharks. Other sea creatures are turtles, eagle rays and sea lions.

Attractions: Sharks, sea turtles, tropical fish, hammerheads, Blue & Nazca boobies  

Activities: Snorkeling, Panga ride      

Landing: none

You will find the list on the right as a quick reference to the ships that visit San Cristobal.






Tourist Class

King of the Seas A, A2
Merak A5

Tourist Superior

Aida Maria South 4  
Darwin Adventure 4 day
Eden #1 4  
Encantada A1
Golondrina C  
Guantanamera 2  
Samba Central

First Class

Estrella del Mar A5  
Galaxy C  
Galaxy II Eco A
Majestic A
Millennium A
Monserrat C  
Nemo II South  
Nemo III B  
San Jose B5  
Seaman Journey B, C1  
Tip Top II #2 5  
Tip Top III #2 5  
Tip Top IV #2 4  
Xavier B4  
Yolita #2 5  

Luxury Class

Beluga Tower / Hood
Celebrity Xpedition B  
Cormorant A4  
Eric B  
Evolution 2  
Flamingo I B  
Grace 1  
Integrity Eastern  
Letty B  
Ocean Spray B  
Queen of Galapagos A5  
Reina Silvia B  

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