Genovesa Island is considered to be one of the most impressive islands in Galapagos. Located in the northeast, Genovesa is a small island but with lots of birds. There are thousands of birds and lots of diversity and your only opportunity to see the Red-Footed Boobie.

There are two visitor sites on Genovesa's. One is Darwin Bay. This bay is located on the south side of the island and was was created when the island's large crater collapsed into the sea. This site is a wet landing on a white coral beach. There are lots of birds on the shore. There is a mangrove forest along the trail. There is snorkeling in Darwing bay where you will likely encounter sea lions, sharks, and manta rays.

And Prince Philip's steps which begin with a panga ride along rocky ledges to the steps which will take you 25 meters. high. At the top the trail continues inland, taking you through a Palo Santo forest, and at the end of you will see a lava field.

You will find the list on the right as a quick reference to the ships that visit Genovesa island.

Tourist Superior

Aida Maria South 5  
Angelito A5  
Daphne Verde  
Eden #1 5  
Encantada B1  
Galaven I A4  
Golondrina C  
Guantanamera 1  
Nemo I A  
Samba NW  

First Class

Archipell I & II B1  
Beagle NW  
Cachalote Tower  
Eden #1 5  
Estrella del Mar A4  
Fragata C  
Galaxy C  
Galaxy II Eco A  
Majestic A  
Mary Anne C  
Nemo II North  
Nemo III A  
Odyssey 5 days  
San Jose B  
Santa Cruz II North 5 days
Seaman Journey A, C1
Tip Top II 1  
Tip Top III 1  
Tip Top IV 1  
Yolita 1  

Luxury Class

Athala Genovesa  
Beluga Tower / James
Cormorant B  
Eclipse Genovesa  
Eric B  
Evolution 2  
Explorer II B  
Flamingo I B  
Grace 2  
Sea Star B  
Integrity Eastern  
Isabela II North  
Letty B  
Passion East  
Petrel B, B5  
Ocean Spray A  
Pinta Northern  
Queen of Galapagos B  
Reina Silvia B  



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