Fernandina is the youngest of the Galapagos islands and is still active. It last erupted in April of 2009. You will find the landscape strange and enchanting with fields of pahoehoe lava, mangrove trees, and white sand beaches. Its beautiful animal life thrives on white sand beaches and in the blue waters surrounding this unique island making Fernandina an everlasting memory.

You will find the list on the right a quick reference to the ships that visit Fernandina.

Tourist Superior

Aida Maria North 6  
Angelito B  
Daphne Verde  
Eden 2  
Encantada C1  
Floreana North  
Galaven I B  
Golondrina D (B)  
Guantanamera 1  
Nemo I A  
Samba NW  

First Class

Archipell I & II A2  
Beagle NW  
Cachalote Fernandina
Estrella del Mar B  
Fragata D & B  
Galaxy B  
Galaxy II Eco B, D  
Majestic B  
Mary Anne B  
Millennium West & North
Nemo II North  
Nemo III A  
Odyssey 6 days Thursday
San Jose A  
Santa Cruz Western 6 days
Seaman Journey C
Tip Top II 1  
Tip Top III 1  
Tip Top IV 1  
Treasure of Galapagos C  
Yolita 1  

Luxury Class

Anahi C
Athala Genovesa
Beluga Fernandina
Celebrity Xpedition A  
Coral I and Coral II Western  
Cormorant B  
Eclipse Genovesa
Eric B  
Evolution 1  
Explorer II A  
Flamingo I B  
Grace 2  
Sea Star C  
Integrity Western  
Isabela II North  
Legend D  
Letty B  
Ocean Spray B  
Passion West  
Petrel A, A6  
Pinta Western  
Reina Silvia A  


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