Espanola is the large island in the southeastern area of the Galapagos archipelago. Also known as Hood Island there are two principle visitation sites: Punta Suárez with its high cliffs, large crashing waves, and the nesting area for the Waved Albatross (between June and September). The other visitor site is Gardner Bay, located at the eastern coast of of the island. At Gardner Bay there is an excellent beach of white sand for swimming and the opportunity to observe the Galapagos Sea Lions up close. Gardner Islet is a near by snorkeling destination with the possibility of the sea lions joining you. Another snorkeling destination is Osborn islet.

You will find the list on the right as a quick reference to the ships that visit Espanola island.

Tourist Class

King of the Seas A, A2
Nuevo Flamingo A4

Tourist Superior

Aida Maria South 4
Angelito A4
Daphne Azul 4
Darwin Discovery 5 day
Eden #1B
Encantada A1
Floreana South
Galaven I A5
Golondrina C
Guantanamera 2
Nemo I B, B5
Samba Central

First Class

Archipell I & II B2
Beagle Central
Cachalote Tower
Estrella del Mar A5
Fragata C
Galaxy A
Galaxy II Eco C, E
Majestic A
Mary Anne A
Millennium A
Monserrat C
Nemo II South
Nemo III B
Odyssey 6 day Tuesday
San Jose B5
Santa Cruz Eastern 6 day
Seaman Journey B, C1
Tip Top II #1 5
Tip Top III #2 5
Tip Top IV #2 4
Treasure of Galapagos B
Xavier A5
Yolita #2 B5

Luxury Class

Athala Espanola
Beluga Tower / Hood
Celebrity Xpedition A
Coral I and Coral II Southern
Cormorant A4
Eclipse Espanola
Eric A
Evolution 1
Flamingo I A
Grace 1
Sea Star A
Isabela II Southern
Journey I A
Legend B
Letty A
Ocean Spray A
Passion East
Petrel B, B4
Pinta Eastern
Queen Beatriz A5
Queen of Galapagos A5
Reina Silvia B
Silver Galapagos C


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