Iguana Epanola, also know as Hood island, has two important sites: Punta Suárez, is a rocky point that sustains one of the most impressive and varied colonies of sea birds in Galapagos. Espanola has high cliffs rising up from the sea, where you will find spectacular views of soaring birds, and the famous blowhole where water spouts from 50 to 75 feet into the air. The other visitor site is Gardner Bay, located at the eastern coast of Hood Island. At Gardner Bay there is an excellent beach of white sand for swimming and the opportunity to observe the Galapagos Sea Lions up close. Gardner Islet is a near by snorkeling destination with the possibility of the sea lions joining you. Another snorkeling destination is Osborn islet

Uplifted by a submarine lava flow and its location at the southeastern edge of the archipelago makes Espanola one of the oldest islands. Here you will find sensational seabird viewing and the worlds main breeding colony of Waved Albatrosses at Punta Suarez. Here you can see Nazca Boobies and Blue Footed Boobies up close and see the chicks. Easily seen red billed tropic birds, Galapagos doves, Swallow Tailed Gulls, Galapagos Hawks and Warbler Finches and small ground finches, one of only two sites for large Cactus Finches. Galapagos Sea Lions are on the beaches and swimming everywhere, and the spectacular and uniquely colored Hood Marine Iguanas (Christmas Iguanas) will be all around you waiting for pictures. Some of the endemic species you will see are the Nazcar BoobiesHood Mockingbird, the biggest lava lizards and racer. Relaxing bahia Gardener offers abundant sleeping sea lions, great snorkeling and close up views of Galapagos Hawks and curious Mockingbirds.

Activities: PR = Panga Ride, HK = Hiking, SN = Snorkeling

Location: Isolated southern most island, 90 km southwest of Puerto Ayora.

Facilities: None, wet landing at Bahia Gardner and dry landing at Punta Suarez.

Photo opportunities: Waved albatrosses, Hood marine iguanas, Hood mockingbirds, Nazca boobies, Hood lava lizards, and beautiful views.


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