Just north of the island of Floreana is
The Devil's Crown.

The Devil's Crown consists of the picket fence-like remains of small volcanic cone which has been eroded away by the sea, creating in its interior an ideal habitat for several types of corals and marine life, it is perfect for snorkeling.

Attractions: One of the best snorkeling sites in Galapagos; sharks, rays, rock formations, tropical fish.    

Activities: Snorkeling      Landing: none

You will find the list on the right as a quick reference to the ships that visit the Devil's Crown.

Devil's Crown



Tourist Class

Nuevo Flamingo A4

Tourist Superior

Aida Maria South 4  
Angelito B  
Darwin Discovery
Eden #1 4  
GalaExplorer N  
Golondrina C  
Guantanamera 2  
Nemo I B, B5  

First Class

Cachalote Tower  
Estrella del Mar A5  
Fragata C  
Galaxy A  
Galaxy II Eco C, E  
Majestic A  
Mary Anne A  
Monserrat C  
Odyssey 6 day Tuesday
Santa Cruz Western 6 day
Tip Top II #1 5  
Tip Top III #2 5  
Yolita #2 4  

Luxury Class

Eric A  
Explorer A  
Flamingo I A  
Sea Star A  
Letty A  
Ocean Spray B  
Petrel B, B4  
Passion East  


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