Complete Equipment
Full wet suit and booties; jacket type BCD with power inflators; regulator with octopus; pressure gauge and depth gauge; mask, fins and snorkel.

Price per day per equipment US$ 50 (+ IVA* "IVA is tax)
Deposit US$ 900

2 Pieces Full Wet-Suit
Price per day US$ 20 (+ IVA*)
Deposit US$ 300

Price per day US$ 15 (+ IVA*)
Deposit US$ 300

Price per day US$ 20 (+ IVA*)
Deposit US$ 300

Scuba Fins and Booties
Scuba Fins per day US$10 (+ IVA*)
Deposit US$ 80

Booties per day US$ 5 (+ IVA*)
Deposit US$ 50

Dive Computer
Price per day US$ 20 (+ IVA*)
Deposit US$ 500

Dive Light without batteries
Price per day US$ 10 (+ IVA*)


You need to provide us the following information:

Equipment Pick up / delivery:

A representative will meet you at the airport with all equipment. The passengers have to show their diver license or Passport. If unable to produce I.D there will be no turn over the equipment. The client will check the equipment together with the representative and afterwards leave a signed credit card voucher of US$ 900 for each full set of gear as a guarantee.

On the last day of the cruise a representative will be at the airport to receive the equipment. The equipment will be checked together with the client and if everything is OK we will hand over the signed voucher with the guarantee.

The equipment rental needs to be prepaid before the passengers leave to the Galápagos Islands. All passenger leave with vouchers. The guarantee is to be paid in the Galápagos in cash or on signed credit card voucher.

Delivery of complete personal equipment to Baltra airport does not have any delivery cost. But delivery of parts (ex. BCD or a pair of booties) has an additional cost of US$ 30 NET.