Dreamkapture Travel Agency and Hostel ae located in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Dreamkapture was establish in 2000 to offer very personal and professional service to anyone with the desire of traveling, visiting, and touring Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Dreamkapture is registered with the ministry of Tourism in Guayaquil and with the chamber of commerce of Guayas. Our travel agent consultants are dedicated professionals from all over: Ecuador, Canada, and the USA.

Every tour, yacht, hotel or service proposed by our company as been analyze throughly, so that you can be confident with your vacation plans. We will only recommend professionals who provide quality services, are reliable business, and whenever possible are involved in some kind of humanitarian project with their community. We are sited in the Lonely Planet, Routard, Foot Print and many other traveling books.

We also own the Dreamkapture Hostel in the suburb of Alborada in Guayaquil Ecuador. A friendly hostel at affordable prices with a personal attention.

In addition to our businesses we are very active in volunteer work helping those in Ecuador who are less fortunate than ourselves. We believe in Equity business, so through our Foundation we have help more then 1500 families with medical attention, building of classrooms for schools and environmental work. You can see our work at www.humanitarianaid.ca or www.voyagehumanitaire.ca


Simon is an Ecuadorian who has lived in Canada for more then 20 years. A dedicated working man. In charge of all the of all the fundamental aspects of the business.
He is also a very kind and helpful person. If you need anything ask him he will definitely try to help you out.




Isabelle Dorion is Canadian has been living in Ecuador since 1990. With more then 22 years of experience in tourism, she is charge of organizing tours and new product destinations.

She speaks French, English, Spanish, if you are lucky she might be your own personal guide in your next journey in Ecuador.

She is also the director the foundation. A heart like gold who wants to help everybody in needs.

New Partners


Christopher and Maria de Lourdes. Christopher is from the USA with a strong background in sales and marketing. He is a salesperson for the Galapagos and Jungle tours, works with hostel reservations and client care.

Maria is from Guayaqual and she has traveled extensively through Europe and S. America. She is a Cruise Director for a Luxury ship in the Galapagos and brings a very intimate knowledge to the business from almost a decade of working in the Galapagos islands. Maria speaks Spanish, English, and a little French.

Cleaning services

Jacqueline is a hard working lady with many years of care taking experience. In charge of keeping the place shin, if you need fresh towels or need your room to be clean, just ask Jacky and she will be happy to serve you.


Office Coordinator

Monica is from Guayaquil and speaks fluent Spanish and English. She is an extremely hard worker who handles hostel reservations, tour updates and availability, accounts paided and also offers personal city tours in Guayaquil.